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Trailer: Decoding Qatar

is a podcast series on Instagram that highlights Qatar's history, culture, language, tourist attractions, entertainment, and employment and investment opportunities through interviews with its residents. 

Northwestern University Summer Undergraduate Research Grant 2020. 

Northwestern News

Gulf Times

The Peninsula Qatar

Editing Reel

made for an Editing course taken in 2019.

Title Sequence: Arrival

is a short animation made for a Computer Animation course taken in 2019.

Displacement FX

is a short compilation of videos that make use of time displacement gradient maps. Made for an Advanced Camera course taken in 2020.

Fan Trailer: Mass Effect

is a short video made for the remastered Mass Effect trilogy featuring gem quotes and squad mates (Mordin, Tali, Garrus). Source assets from EA, made using After Effects.

Character Animation: American Gothic

is a short animation made for an Advanced Camera class taken in Spring 2020. President Obama's voice is used here with a Character Animator Puppet from h2oman.

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