About Rui

Hailing from a small mighty island known as Singapore,

Rui has always been a huge fan of adventures - be it hiking up a mountain, checking out the latest video game, learning a new instrument, delving into an unfamiliar domain of knowledge - it's become some sort of an obsession, really!

Embracing a Tomorrowland outlook towards life, 

Rui's professional life has been generously blessed with opportunities for her to learn, grow, and prosper under the guidance of numerous brilliant individuals. This has allowed her to call the following qualifications to date her own:

  • Spearheaded AR, Web3, interactive application projects, accruing end-to-end Unity AR app development and publishing, Web3 Smart Contract Development knowledge
  • Managed global cross-functional teams, bilingual (English, Chinese) stakeholders, and vendors to ensure project goals are met on time and within budget
  • Process-oriented approach to achieve project efficiency accompanied with Agile + Waterfall planning toolkit project management
  • Technical Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Miro, MS Suite, Monday/Asana, Unity, HTML/CSS, etc.

An avid reader and learner by heart,

Rui grounded her undergraduate B. Sc. Comm. Media Industries and Technology degree with Northwestern University in Qatar, and Media Arts and Game Design Module student with Northwestern University through the following technical courses:

  • Metacamp: 2-month Backend Development Course with Rust
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences: 2-month Full-Stack Development Course re: Designing & Deploying DApps with VS Code, React/NodeJS, Remix, MongoDB
  • MAGES Institute: 2-month Unity Development Course re: Immersive Experience Creation for VR environments

Also a sci-fi nerd, Rui directed a film that encompassed what she loves about the fluidity of ideas, stories, people...

Inspired by the film Arrival (2016)

Get in contact?

Please drop her a message on LinkedIn here.  Rui wishes you a great rest of day ahead.

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