Dark Purple (Short)

An inquisitive, ill-stricken teenage girl tails her father into the woods in secret. Unfortunately, her physical condition worsens as she journeys farther to uncover the truth behind her father's stringent house rule. With barely any vigor left, will she make it out of the woods alive?

Opaque Seas (Three-part scifi series)

A wise, experienced card reader of a technologically-advanced small society has to eliminate a malignant young innocent to save her people. 

The Arisen's Tale  (Fantasy Feature)

A young, inexperienced, and isolated Queen answers the quest to save her Kingdom from an enchanted famine curse. Unfortunately, her magic is useless against it. With her people hungry and her knights unconscious, will she be able to lead the Kingdom out of darkness?

The Cubic Society (Comedy Feature)

A guarded, intelligent yet hypocritical writer turns 20 and has six months to find a marriage partner to secure her place in society. 

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Analytical Film Writing

Clash (2016), Beauty and the Dogs (2017)

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Man with a Movie Camera (1928)

The Conversation (1974)

Written on the Wind (1956)

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Liberal Arts Writing

At War With an Entire Religion

All Talk and No Action

Even Memories Know No Bounds

Every Lie Contains A Truth

Heidegger's Art

Justice System’s Ultimate Weapon

Nietzsche’s Tragedy

Unearthing the Skeletons in China’s Coffins

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