University Activities (2017-2021)

B. Sc. Comm., Media Industries and Technology

Module, Media Arts and Game Design

Summa Cum Laude, QF & NU Scholar

Northwestern University, Qatar & U.S., Class of 2021 

Some Grants and Awards

Some Courses Taken


Liberal Arts & Screenwriting

  • History of the Modern Middle East
  • Gothic Literature
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Writing the Climate Screenplay
  • Writing the Comedy Feature
  • Writing the Feature Screenplay 

Some Projects Initiated

Co-Content Producer

Decoding Qatar (2020)

  • Developed strategic vision for research podcast series
  • Designed original graphics and animations on Instagram
  • Grew follower base from scratch to 300 in 3 months
  • Proposed use of interactive visual quizzes 
  • Stewarded social art assets with freelancers and coordinated with external platforms like Education City, and HBKU to promote podcast series

"Decoding Qatar" received Northwestern University's Summer Undergraduate Research Grant 2020 and was featured on Northwestern NewsGulf TimesThe Peninsula Qatar.

Event Coordinator, Volunteer

Studio 20Q (2018-9)

  • Organized Studio 20Q’s 2018 and 2019 Film Premieres, that attracted ~500 people, 33% increase from past years
  • Established contracts/P.Os with hotel and vendor managers (e.g. red carpet, photobooth, digital print of posters)
  • Coordinated rental of event spaces with school's IT, production and facilities staff for safety and preparation measures

Some Film Work



  • Archival Editor for A Journey of Forgiveness (2022)
  • Feature Editor for Sunset at 50C (2021)
  • Short Editor for Love for Layla (2021)
  • Colorist for Samia (2021)
  • Assistant Editor & VFX Artist for Bayt El Omor (2019/20)
  • Editor for Birds & Bees (2019)

Student Job Experiences

Media Innovation Lab Assistant

  • Helped students, faculty, and staff with VR equipment (Oculus Go/Quest/Rift, Vive, Insta360, Theta)
  • Coordinated workshops with Contrast VR & Julia Leeb

Research Assistant

  • Extracted and collated course descriptions from university programs
  • Assisted Professor and freshmen with introductory filming course content and requirements

Media Specialist

  • Photographed school community events, freshmen orientation week, and other first-year events
  • Created videos, photographs, promo materials, infographics used by school's social media account @nuqatar @nuqwildcats

Admissions Diplomat

Directed school tours and supported admissions office’s preparation work for school visits and related events

School Exchanges Attended

Global Media Experience

an international trip to New York to visit numerous traditional and new media organizations like Facebook, Disney, LinkedIn, HBO, and iNK Stories NYC

Student Ambassador Trip

an international trip (as part of the Student Ambassador program) to Evanston, Illinois to attend classes and campus activities, meet peers and community members from across the globe, and visit with renowned studios and publication companies in the Chicago area

Evanston Exchange

a communication program that allows students to study at Northwestern's home campus in Evanston, Illinois

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