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The Esports Ecosystem

Being a part of the Esports team as an intern at Razer Inc. opened my eyes up to the esports ecosystem and some considerations to be mindful of. This video was made as a closing project to encapsulate some things about the industry that I’d learnt.

Video Essay: Brotherhood

is a short film that centers around a relationship conflict between a father and a son. There are countless beautiful shots in the film, of which 5 are deliberately out of-of-focus. Why so? What do they have in common? This video was made to suggest that filmmaker Meryam Joobeur used those shots as premonition cues to nudge the audience to pay attention.

Video Essay: Threading Arab Shorts

that are independent, as opposed to Arab films that receive world debut and usually focus on bloodshed, violence, desperation and chaos in the region. This video was made to imply the 3 threads prevalent in most Arab content - mirroring of audio and visual shots, the lone warrior symbol and the similarity between fiction and reality. These threads might reflect how most Arab filmmakers approach the state of their home country - with pride, melancholy, strength and honesty.

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