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Trailer: Ithaka

is a poetic meditative Oculus VR experience (pending development approval) created in Unity. The project is for Northwestern University's Media Arts and Game Design Module capstone submission.

The full experience in 360 is available on Vimeo @ 4K.

Trailer: In 600 Blinks

is a short narrative indie game project made for a class in Spring 2020. The game is downloadable here.

Qatar Rising: From Ocean Deep to Mountain High

is a 360 visual tour, with ambisonic audio, of the East-West/West-East structure in Qatar that explores a forgotten past and an uncertain future. 

"Decoding Qatar" received Northwestern University in Qatar's Media Innovation Lab Research Grant 2019, nominated in (Funded Image) Media and Research Awards 2020, and was featured on Northwestern News.

Thumbnail image by photographer Aitor Ortiz

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